Edible Delights


Cookie Creations

Dive into our Cookie Creations, where every bite bursts with flavor! We bake magic into each cookie using top-notch indica and sativa. Perfect for a chill time or a fun party. Theyʼre not just treats; theyʼre a ticket to bliss!

Squares Supreme

Squares Supreme offers a symphony of sweetness in every square. Crafted with care, these indulgent treats blend premium cannabis with rich ingredients for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Ideal for savoring solo or sharing with friends!


Bar Bliss

Bar Bliss is your ticket to tasty tranquility. Our bars mix creamy, dreamy flavors with the finest sativa and indica. Theyʼre perfect for a midday lift or evening unwind. Grab a bar, take a bite, and let the good vibes roll!


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